The Society Of Martial Arts

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 The Society Of Martial Arts

69, Piccadilly.


M1 2BS

TEL:- 0161 702 1660

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(A Registered UK Charity No.1101663)

 Established in 1994


Welcome !

by Prof. Eugene de Silva Ph.D., FRSA

the Founder and President of the Society of Martial Arts


The Society of Martial Arts is the first ever international academic institution to introduce a recognised degree programme, that includes both theoretical and practical components, for the practitioners of martial arts. Since its inception 1994, the Society has sublimed from its foetal phase to the present world renowned  status. This is a new era for martial arts. This elevation of standards of martial arts to an eagerly awaited status has now generated interests even among non-martial artists in academic fields. Although the inception of martial arts was based on educational and philosophical fundamentals over the past centuries, these different arts have been mainly frowned upon as mere fighting styles. Nevertheless, at least now, martial arts have gained their paramount status. We have pioneered an educational system far beyond mere certificate level to gain university status.

I welcome you to the SMA for a mutually beneficial and a long lasting membership. Our foundation will be strengthened by future generations. Let them remember us as the forefathers who contrived for recognition.  Now we have lecturers, academics and researchers in martial arts as a result of our unrelentless efforts since 1994. Your decision to enrol with the SMA is the first step towards a historic change in your life in martial arts.